Just what is the Project?

Hello, and welcome to the project! The Intergalactic Babes Project is a group anthology to bring together talented artists in the erotic comics industry. We want to make fun, entertaining and above all, sexy sci-fi porn comics. We are currently looking for contributors for the project and it could just be YOU!

We will be launching a Kickstarter soon to fund the project, which will cover printing, shipping costs and money for our valued contributors!

Check out more about the project here. If you are interested in being part of the project, email our editor at pornomagnum@gmail.com.

Project Parameters:
• Black and white (gray scale tones)
• 4 to 12 pages 11x17 with 10x15 active area, full bleed.
• Must be a complete story.
• Contributors must be open to critique and changes.
• Certain types of adult content will be denied (to be discussed and decided on later).

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cover sketches wave 2

Here are the two new cover sketches that are being considered.

A redo of the older version, now featuring more ladies and less defined men. 

The second sketch featuring 100% more water sports.


  1. I definitely like the second illustration more. The girls in the first illustration seems a bit posed and "on display", rather than caught in a candid moment. Perhaps you can combine the "guys looking through the bushes" framing with the second image?

  2. Love the second sketch, lots of fun!

  3. like i said before i really like that framing on the first one. but its has the "babes" and its missing the "galactic" part of it.

    the second one now does have the "babes" and the "intergalactic" part with the alien chick. maybe throw in a spaceship of planet on the top and it would for sement the theme more

  4. Hey peeps~ Thanks for your input! I appreciate the comments. We ended up going with the second sketch.

    The spaceship is an interesting idea but I don't know how to add it since the scene is closed of by the flora and fauna.